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Who we are

Ventego is the Esperanto term for ‘strong wind’ or ‘gale’.

The company is based in Wellington, New Zealand, which explains our passion for stormy weather and our longing for calm and sunny days.

This passion is reflected in our work. Our team helps you take your digital projects to the sunny side, making sure you’re delivering a delightful experience for your users.

Get in touch

Our offices are in Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand.

We have clients in different parts of the world and are used to working remotely across different time zones. Let us know where you are and what you need – we’ll make it work.

Call us:
Auckland +64 9 576 8519
Wellington +64 4 393 0555


What others say about us

It was a great pleasure to work with Kai. Apart from being a very skilled Software Developer in technologies like ColdFusion, Flex, SQL and Java he is also a talented Software Designer.

I was impressed by his ability to successfully plan and design complicated software projects, solve difficult tasks and his way to efficiently cooperate with the development team and customers to create amazing software.

Consulting and development client

Diane’s approach to this work, her passion and concentrated and tireless efforts have helped make our project a success story. We have a lot to be proud of and much of that is due to Diane’s focus on open and transparent communication, quality and deadlines.

I can’t speak highly enough for Diane, I really do appreciate and respect her and would be more than happy to work with her again.

Client for a government website redevelopment project

Campbell and Kai are experts at Web and RIA design and development.

Being smart cookies, they often come up with ideas to help us improve our Project Management templates business as well as our Project Management software solution.

As well is providing amazing web technical development expertise, they are friendly and easy to deal with. I would highly recommend them.

Jason Westland and